2021 Gift Vegetable Share

Store Gift Shares 2021 Gift Vegetable Share

Gift a weekly or every-other week vegetable share. The gift vegetable share bundles below are 20 weekly deliveries; 24 weekly deliveries (20-week share + 4-week extended season share); 10 every-other-week deliveries; 12 every-other-week deliveries (10-week share + 2-week extended season share).

20-Week Full Veg Share $800.00  Qty: Price:
24 Weeks: Full & Extended $960.00  Qty: Price:
10-Week Half Veg Share
$400.00  Qty: Price:
12 Weeks: Half & Extended
$480.00  Qty: Price:

The fullness of each gifted vegetable box depends on the gift recipient's vegetable and herb preferences.

The fruit share will likely be provided by The Fruit Guys.